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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 6, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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on our area has the wusa9 weather team declaring a red alert tomorrow. >> it's going to get rough out erto first alert meteorologist erica grow with more on this potentially dangerous forecast. >> that's why we're using the term red alert. we use that for dangerous or potentially dangerous weather. it's exclusively for that kind of condition. that's what we're expecting overnight tonight. let's get it started with a look at the wind chill advisory which is for the darker blue shading. that goes into effect now and stays in effect until 6 p.m. tuesday. the wind chill warning is the lighter blue shading. you can see that's for loudoun county, frederick county in both maryland and virginia and throughout west virginia and the shenandoah valley of virginia and all that is from right now, monday 6 p.m., to tuesday at 6 p.m. our current temperature in d.c. is 32 degrees, but you can see just how much colder it is to our west. these are not wind chill
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values. these are actual air temperatures. it's negative 1 in pittsburgh, negative 2 in detroit and chicago absolutely frigid with a temperature of 12 degrees below 0. we won't see negative numbers here, but when you factor in the wind chill, it will feel like it's in the negative digits, 0 to 10 our overnight low and it will be dangerously cold with that wind chill. i'm expecting wind chills to be as low as negative 20 in a couple locations which could cause frostbite in as little as 30 minutes. coming up i'll tell you when we finally see relief from the cold in the first alert seven- day forecast. derek, back to you. we should note we're already getting in closings and delays for tomorrow. fairfax, culpeper, loudoun county, prince william county, spotsylvania, stafford counties will all have schools closed tomorrow. alexandria and prince george's county schools will be open two hours late. d.c. and montgomery county schools tell us they're open for business regular time tomorrow. we'll keep you posted as we hear from more schools and you can see the status any time you like at the bottom of your
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screen. we'll be getting started tomorrow morning at 4 a.m. so you can get the latest information. about 187 million of us americans are under a chill warning advisory tonight. that's more than half the whole population of the country. one out of every 10 domestic flights had to be canceled this morning. most of those 3,200 flights were in or out of chicago, cleveland, new york or boston. jetblue is scaling back operations in boston and all three airports in new york today. the cold night could be roughest on people who don't have a place to live and as hank silfverberg reports, some area shelters will be crowded tonight even in the region's most prosperous county. >> you got to watch out for guys trying to attack you, rob you, trying to prostitute you, get you in their car, their vehicle. it's very dangerous.
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i wouldn't wish that on no one. >> you need hand warmers, too? >> reporter: with temperatures headed into the single digits many of the homeless who shy away from shelters on warmer days seek help even here in affluent fairfax county. >> the clothes i have on are donated from here. it's a blessing. i'm very warm right now. >> reporter: tonight there could be as many as 100 people at bailey's crossroads community center (. >> we have an influx of blankets and sleeping bags and coats and hats and make extra lunches to try and fill the gap. because it is so affluent, the have's and have not's, there's a huge disparity between the two. >> reporter: the homeless will get gloves and a warm coat and a mat on the floor in addition to meals. one of the main issues is reaching out to the homeless and letting them know where they can go and who to talk to. >> we don't patrol the neighborhoods looking for people, but if we are just driving along, if you see
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someone who seems to be in need, we stop and check on them. >> reporter: the ultimate goal of the people here is to keep the homeless alive on a frigid night. in fairfax county, hank silfverberg, wusa9. >> plenty of area shelters are extending hours because of forecast and many counties use libraries and community centers as warming centers. the district also has a hypothermia hotline set up for homeless people who may not have any place to go. if you see someone you think needs help, make this call, 1- 800-535-7252. a 21st birthday party turned ugly over the weekend in damascus. three police officers were assaulted. two partygoers got tased and the parents who hosted the whole thing now face some very serious charges. >> reporter: i'm andrea mccarren in damascus, maryland, where bust of an underage drinking party turned violent. neighbor profiles revealed the mages family in happier times,
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smiling parents and their star athlete son, but charging documents reveal a wild weekend after the family threw a 21st birthday party for son nicholas. tipped off from a text from a pizza delivery man police were outnumbered by partygoers. the father, an accountant, was visibly intoxicated and slurring his speech. officers say he became belligerent and punched one in the face, another in the chest and kicked and hit several others. he allegedly had his hand on the grip of one officer's weapon and tried to remove it from its holster. police used a taser to subdue him. according to charging documents, a taser also became necessary to subdue one of the sons, eric. that allegedly prompted his mother kathy to jump onto the back of a police officer and strike him in the face with her elbow. in damascus, andrea mccarren, wusa9. now to some serious actions
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after a wusa9 investigation into alleged illegal dumping on the property at the maryland veterans cemetery in cheltenham. after our report workers filled in the hole before investigators got there to see for themselves. scott broom reports officials are not taking action. -- officials are now taking action. >> reporter: this afternoon the department of permitting and inspections lowered the boom on the cemetery. >> two of the violations we cited them for, trash and debris on the property and for waste on the property. >> reporter: is that the same as illegal dumping? >> yes, it is. >> reporter: the actions come after wusa9 last week documented a whistle blower's allegations of dumping and unprofessional behavior at a cemetery that's supposed to be protecting the dignity of
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maryland veterans. cemetery workers ran over and disturbed at least 56 graves with a tractor during a hasty barrel december 30th. in the wake of -- burial december 30th. in the wake of that, i documented open tires dumped and be another open pit where plastic waste was buried, abandoned junk equipment and haphazard piles of debris much in view of the cemetery's supposedly hallowed ground. today part of the site is surrounded by crime scene tape after inspectors visiting friday found the pits documented by wusa9 had been filled in and graded less than 48 hours after be being exposed in our reports. now county and state regulators are being forced to excavate the covered up site to complete their investigation. >> because it is a cemetery obviously very sentimental to family members and we want to make sure they have the proper respect and dignity and also make sure the cemetery is doing what it's supposed to when
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they're entrusted to take care of the loved ones of family. >> reporter: is this stuff that should be going to a landfill? >> absolutely. there is a proper way to dispose of all waste. it is not meant to be buried in a cemetery. >> reporter: the department of the environment is working with prince george's county officials to investigate the possibility that significant grading has been done on the property without a permit and without taking measures to control sediment runoff pollution, both serious environmental issues. scott broom, wusa9. >> late today a spokesman for maryland's department of veterans affairs responded saying workers were directed to cover the pits only after removing and properly disposing of the tires and other debris. spokesman dana hendrickson called it a good faith effort to resolve the problem moving forward. a man is dead after a bizarre case of road rage got started in maryland, now you can help crack the case next.
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so you have peace of mind from start to finish. what's not to love. it's also the #1 doctor recommended brand. love your laxative. miralax. the nation's capital is about to undergo serious difficulty as the weather gets downright record breaking cold. joining us is d.c.'s mayor vincent gray. thanks for taking a minute to chat. we know you've got a
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hypothermia hotline. what other special efforts is the city making to keep folks warm? >> we're doing everything we can to identify people who are on the street. we know we have some homeless people who may have mental health problems, some who have substance abuse problems and may not take the kinds of precautions they should. one, we'll have our vans out looking for people to help bring them in. we're going to keep our libraries and rec centers and senior wellness centers open so that people will be able to go to those in addition to the shelters. >> mr. mayor, do you have an idea of the numbers in term of the need here, what the number of homeless people looks like next to the number of beds available? >> we have enough beds to accommodate everybody. there could be more, of course, in the event, for example, if we had a power outage and people had to leave their homes. we will have enough space to accommodate everybody, but on a given night we have literally hundreds of people who are
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individuals who go to the shelters. we have probably 4 or 500 families, maybe a little bit more who need shelter, but on a night like tonight those numbers will probably swell because some people who don't come in off the streets will certainly have to come in on a night like tonight. >> of course, there are the families who face some sort of financial difficulty and may not have heat in a home they do have. any sense of those numbers and have you heard from folks saying where can i go, mr. mayor? >> we haven't heard from very many people who have a problem with their heat, but if they can dial 311, we will immediately respond to whatever the issue is, derek. we're not going to leave obviously any individuals, any adults, any of our children in lamp's way this evening. if you know somebody -- in harm's way this evening. if you know somebody, call us at 311 and we will respond right away. >> thanks for coming out in the cold chatting tonight. we'll wish the city luck dealing with this tough
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weather. >> thank you, derek. one big concern with this deep freeze aside from all the people who may not have a home to go inside is the pipes in your house. there are some steps you can take to stop them from freezing. first leave your cabinet doors open so that heat from the room can circulate around the pipes. let a little water drip. that movement can be enough to prevent a problem. you can insulate your pipes but not all the way around. >> you can put it around half of it and let the other part be exposed to the heat. >> if your pipes freeze, shut off the water to your house. that way when the pipes thaw, there are less chance your house will flood if the pipe burst. things were getting a bit steamy around lake michigan today, still ahead some ideas to take advantage of this cold
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right now pennsylvania state police are looking for a road rage killer who shot another driver early saturday on i-81 just north of the maryland state line. 28-year-old timothy davidson
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was killed. davidson had recently visited relatives in florida and was headed home to maine. police say davidson and the killer got into a dispute out there and that fight ended with the killer ramming davidson onto the median strip and shooting him dead. police are reviewing 911 calls from other drivers made at that time. >> witnesses to come forward, trying to develop new leads. we're actively aggressively out there. >> one clue, police believe the killer was driving a small dark pickup and it probably has damage to its front or side and perhaps scraped from the silver suv that davidson was driving. we got a glimpse into the future of metro today. >> reporter: i'm debra alfarone in greenbelt, maryland, where this brand-new 7000 series metro train rolled down these tracks for the first time today. these are what the new cars look like. you won't see them until the end of 2014.
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the seats, they're actually pretty comfortable. new floor, no carpet, new digital sign, all decided with rider input, but most importantly these new cars can withstand a crash better than the old 1000 series cars crushed in 2009's deadly accident. that killed nine and hurt 80. the ntsb recommended metro get rid of them. these new cars eventually will replace those, but it will still take another three years. what do you say to the people who says it's taking too long to replace those cars? >> we're replacing them as fast a technology and manufacturing allows us to. >> reporter: this new train of four cars is for testing only. metro will take the learning back to the manufacturer and the first eight cars 7000 series train is expected to roll down the tracks before the end of this year. >> if metro is not your thing, we've got something to help you before you hit the roads. check out the traffic feature on the wusa9 ipad app. it lets you get realtime
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information on traffic flow, accidents, even any construction between where you are and where you're going. download the wusa9 app for free in the app store. we might need that tomorrow. >> absolutely. we're definitely going to need to put on all the layers tomorrow. we got some great advice in our last half hour. hopefully you were tuned in for that. i have some dramatically cold wind chill values to show you on 9 futurecast in a minute. first let's look at the michael and son weather cam and the beautiful lincoln memorial in the foreground. it's 32 degrees, but it feels like 20 with that wind out of northwest at 21 miles per hour, just a few clouds out there. overnight tonight we won't see any precipitation. the big story is the plummeting temperatures and windy conditions as well. wind chills will be below 0 after midnight tonight and staying below 0 until about noon for many of us tomorrow. it stays very cold on tuesday afternoon even though the wind chill won't be as much of a
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factor. the high temperatures tuesday afternoon will be some of the lowest we've had in several years and the wind chill, as i mentioned before, it will start to subside heading into tuesday evening. right now we're already well below freezing in much of the metro. it's 19 in hagerstown, 30 at andrews, 31 in la plata, 30 in culpeper, 33 in fredericksburg, 23 in leesburg. on satellite and radar you can see we'll have clear skies overnight tonight, but here's a look at 9 futurecast with those dropping wind chill values, down to 0 at midnight in the district, 10 below in winchester and as you're heading out the door tomorrow morning, this is what it's going to feel like on your skin, 14 below 0 in gaithersburg, 12 below 0 in martinsburg and winchester, 17 below 0 in cumberland and westminster and by noon tomorrow back up to the goose egg in d.c., but we'll have
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negative wind chill values during the morning even in the district and then that wind starts to subside as we head into tuesday evening. there will be dangerously cold wind chill overnight, could be as cold as 20 below 0 with the wind chill factor. that could produce frostbite on exposed skin in 30 minutes or less. 0 to 10 degrees for your overnight lows with winds out of the northwest at 15 to 25 miles per hour. mostly sunny tomorrow morning with wind chills remaining in the negative single digits and positive single digits. in the afternoon it's going to be one of the coldest in years with highs between 13 and 19 under those mostly sunny skies and west winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. so we'll see those 9 weather alerts going back to green on wednesday, 28 degrees with lots of sunshine, a flurry possible on thursday, but the first alert seven-day forecast, we'll be back in the 50s. it will feel balmy in comparison by saturday with a chance for some rain showers.
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back to you. everybody knows when it gets cold what you really need is some body heat, right? you want to cuddle up because that helps beat the chill. >> well, if you're cuddling up with just a cup of cocoa, our partners at usa today have some pickup lines that could help you step up your game. no. 5, will you come to my place? you could sure lower my heating bill with your hotness. >> no. 4, i didn't think i was a snowman, but you just melted my heart. i like that one. >> really? no. 3, baby, you're so hot i don't need four layers on. >> no. 2, can i hibermate with you. that's corny even for me. >> the no. 1 cold weather pickup line, do i have a fever because you are giving me the chills? >> that's not too bad, not too good. >> i don't know that any of
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those lines would work. >> when it gets cold, depends on how desperate you are. still to come the pandemonium begins. we take you inside the national zoo as little bao bao gets ready for her big debut. >> don't need a ♪ for ages three and up. the everyday collection. by target.
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prepare yourself. for a toddler... moment. the everyday collection. by target. finally tonight getting an independent lady ready for her big debut. >> today our cameras were on
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hand for bao bao's big media preview and she didn't seem to mind a bit. check her out. it's all part of the national zoo's efforts to make sure the baby panda cub is ready to meet her adoring fans when she makes that public debut january 18th because you know folks will be crowding in looking crazy. that was totally adorable. >> it was cute! >> she'll be 5 months old. she better be ready. >> toddlerlike. >> it's almost like she was crawling before and now she's walking to compare with it that, but she's still a little unsteady. >> the zookeepers say bao bao does not seem to mind being away from mommy panda. now they're focusing on baby- proofing the den. bao bao should be at national zoo for another four years, but then she goes back to china to take part in their giant panda breeding program. we've been through that before. >> yes, we have. it's so, so cute. glad she's here. that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> i'll be back with jan at 7:00. we'll see you then.
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>> pelley: tonight, what's next in the deep freeze? windchills fall to 60 below in the most dangerous cold in 20 years. >> an extended period of cold like this is -- >> deadly. brutally deadly. >> pelley: dean reynolds is in chicago. jeff pegues reports on air travel. and we'll look at where the polar express is headed next. a city won by american troops falls to al qaeda in iraq. liz palmer reports. can a blood test spot an athlete's concussion? dr. jon lapook on new research. and chip reid takes a break from the cold with an artist who freezes time. >> you're out there trying to capture mother nature's art. captioning sponsored by cbs


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